Why We Think Social Media Likes and Shares Are Important

When demonstrating why likes and shares on social media no longer matter, we should go beyond presenting our work. However, we cling to the idea of social approval in the same way that we attach to the myths that bulls despise red or that bats are blind. So, why do we assume that social media likes and shares are important? Because likes are a tally. Shares are just numbers. Both of these statistics are quantifiable. If you need insta likes you can get them as instagram auto likes

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  • Most businesses like tallying up likes and shares in their analytical reports in fact, any statistic that can be measured by numeric digits. Marketing professionals and senior executives want access to all social media data in order to determine which statistics were beneficial to the bottom line.
  • The problem is that not many social media statistics can justify the investment in social media. Most social media posts do not push users to take immediate action that drives business income, such as making a purchase or completing a form. Because of repeated prominence in user newsfeeds, posting organically on social media might lead to these habits in the long term. Try to get instagram auto likes
  • To put it frankly, social media posts have evolved into the digital equivalent of a pizza delivery flyer. We feel likes and shares on social media are important because we see them as a short-term gain towards a long-term goal. Oh, they enjoyed this post, therefore they must be interested in our goods. They shared our post, thus they must be interested in doing business with us. However, this is not always the case.