The inside scoop on police checks in wa

If you are moving to Western Australia to live, or if you are planning on getting hired by an employer in Western Australia, the state requires that you get police check first. A police check in WA confirms your past criminal record and ensures that you do not have any current outstanding warrants or charges. While these checks can be time consuming and costly, they are crucial for anyone who wants to get hired in the state’s workforce. Here’s what you need to know about getting a police check WA.

Who needs a police check?

If you are planning to work with children or vulnerable people, you will need a police check. There are three different types of checks: Working with Children, Working with Vulnerable People, and Police Clearance. The type of check that you need will depend on your occupation and the age of the people you will be working with. It is also important to note that there is no such thing as a ‘National Police Check’. It is only necessary for some occupations.

Police check WA

How to get a police check

In order to get a PCC, you need to go through the department that has the responsibility of issuing it. For example, if you are living in the state of Washington, then you will have to go through the Department of Licensing. You can’t just call up any law enforcement agency and ask for a PCC; they will refer you back to the Department of Licensing. Some departments may require an application fee or specific information before they issue a PCC. If you live in a different state, then you would need to contact the appropriate agency there.

What do police checks show?

Police check WA show if a person has any criminal convictions. You’ll be able to see the offence, the sentence, and the outcome of their appeal.

How long do they stay on my record? Police Checks are kept for 10 years from when they are created. If you have a criminal conviction that is older than ten years, it may not show up.

Do employers always ask for them? Employers can ask for them at any time.

What if I have a criminal record?

If you have a criminal record, it is highly unlikely that you will be hired for any position with the exception of manual labor. If you are applying for a job that does not require you to interact with customers and clients, such as an office job, then having a criminal record may not matter as much. However, if you are applying for a more public-facing position such as customer service or salesperson then your criminal history could be detrimental to your hiring prospects.