Reasons of playing online games

We all know that playing video games is a lot of fun, but did you know that they can also be educational? Educational games in mogeqq are becoming more and more popular on the Internet. Here is a list of five websites with great online learning games for kids:


Kerpoof is full of imaginative activities which will allow children to explore their creativity through drawing, coloring, and composing music. This site also includes some reading comprehension exercises and vocabulary words. Kerpoof even offers a cartoon generating feature where the user can draw his or her own custom comic strip!


Educational games on Funbrain include both math and reading comprehension problems. In addition to these, kids will find many other interesting choices such as arcade-style games and educational puzzles.

Tumblebooks Library

This website has a great collection of children’s e-books that can be read online or downloaded in formats such as Adobe PDF and ePub. The library also includes audiobooks, webcomics, and videos that will keep your child interested for many hours to come.


Skillbuilders is a wonderful website for kids in preschool through third grade (ages three to eight). Here, children can play one hundred plus different learning activities which focus on subjects such as math, science, social studies, and reading comprehension skills. The majority of the games are multiplayer so your child can join with other kids from around the world!

Math Playground

Check out these fun educational games designed just for advanced learners (grades six and up)! This website includes a variety of math questions that range from simple number puzzles to complex algebraic equations.

Video games can be so much fun! Whether you let your child play educational games or just shoot at whatever moves, it is extremely important to have conversations with your son or daughter about what they are playing. Make sure they understand the rules of the game and never forget about spending some time playing together.