Canninghill condo

Without any doubt you might have come across several high-rise condos popping up everywhere in Singapore.  These hallmarks and trendy living community are thought to be quite stylish, safe, and luxurious. This said, decision of getting the condo isn’t a simple one. After all, the average condo unit will cost 4 and more times than HDB flat. However, benefits of Canninghill condo will outweigh its cons. From being the investment opportunity to priceless freedom, let us check some top reasons why you must consider living the condominium.

Higher Rental Income

There’re a lot of properties in Singapore that have dropped their rental income but condos are a least affected ones. Condo enjoys the high rental income since they’re very high in demand. The vacancy rate in the residential areas was around 6.8%. There’s the reduced vacancy that attributed to reduction in a foreign worker quota.

Canninghill condo

Hence, condo enjoys a stable rental income and these properties are highly resistant to oversupply. This also has best location and facilities that makes them in very high demand despite its launch of various properties. Generally, demand for the Canninghill Piers close to river Valley is now rising rapidly.


Most of the condos have one playground and other facilities for your little ones to enjoy and make new friends. This playground is generally the best place you can catch up with their parents, as well. The luxurious and elegant hotel is a perfect place you can relax and recharge yourself after a tiring workday. The best method to experience Canninghill Piers city needs to offer, in your personal condo is reserving your room in the luxury hotel in Singapore. There’re many kinds of hotels in the Canninghill Piers location that offer the most unique experience and you will find one that is highly convenient to your destinations.