Childhood Counseling: Helping Children Understand Themselves Better

Life Supports Counselling aims to help children cope better in their life aspects, such as with their:

  • Emotions
  • Develop necessary coping skills
  • Understand problems
  • Positive choices

What does childhood counseling mean?

Childhood counseling is a kind of therapy that focused on aged groups, such as: 

  • young children
  • teens
  • adolescents

These age groups with one or more mental illnesses are getting therapy from a childhood psychologist. It also provides aid to youth with the problem of:

  • experiences trauma
  • experiencing a dysfunctional
  • stressful home environment

During counseling, the children are encouraged to express and explore their feelings through one of many media, depending on the individual child’s preference, such as:

  • Talking
  • Artwork
  • Telling stories
  • Drama
  • Play

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Child counseling helps children in different situations:

  1. Children find it difficult on acquiring social skills
  2. Children with an experience of loss through family bereavement or breakdown
  3. Children with an experienced abuse
  4. Children with anxiety, low self-esteem, or depression
  5. Children with behavior are life-threatening

How long is the child counseling session?

The length of time that the child attends depends on the issues. The first six sessions recommended and extended following further consultation is involved. The session may take up to 50 to one hour.

What else do you need to know?

Before the counseling starts, it needs parental consent. Guardians and parents are required to stay in the building while the child is in the counseling session. Confidentiality is built up here between the child and the counselor. Confidentiality is broken when children are feared of being at risk from others or even with themselves.

Permission is seen from the child to discuss other issues with their guardians or parents. Confidentiality doesn’t restrain the child from telling others about the counseling sessions.

Importance of child counseling

The importance of child counseling is explained. The therapist gives support and praise as kids learn. Child counseling therapist helps kids believe in their strengths and in themselves. The therapy will build healthy behavioral habits and helpful thinking patterns. The therapist meets with the parent and children together or meets with the child alone.

Child and adolescent counseling

Child and adolescent counseling will help children and young people to explore concerns that possibly cause issues in their emotional, social, or cognitive development. The opportunity of giving them the freedom to express themselves, especially in confused or difficult feelings in a safe environment with a clear boundary through the child and adolescent counseling therapeutic process.

The main goal of counseling is to let the children make critical decisions about alternative courses of action without outside influences. Child counseling helps them obtain information and clarify emotional concerns that interfere with the related decision involved. Childhood counseling therapists will handle the process of therapy to help these young people cope with their failures and have better decisions.

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How Shipping Containers Are Revolutionizing Emergency Housing

How Shipping Containers Are Revolutionizing Emergency Housing

The world is no stranger to natural disasters from earthquakes to hurricanes and floods they wreak havoc on communities worldwide. The aftermath of these disasters often leaves many people homeless and without basic necessities. However, thanks to modern technology and innovative thinking shipping containers have emerged as a viable solution to provide emergency housing and disaster relief.

Shipping containers are steel boxes that are used to transport goods across the globe. They are strong, durable and weather-resistant making them an ideal solution for emergency housing and disaster relief. In recent years many organizations have started to utilize storage containers to provide shelter and support to those in need.

Advantages of Shipping Containers in Emergency Housing and Disaster Relief:

One of the most significant advantages of shipping containers is their availability. With millions of shipping containers circulating globally they are easily accessible and can be quickly deployed in disaster-stricken areas. Shipping containers are also easy to transport as they can be stacked and transported on trucks, ships and trains.

storage containers

Another advantage of shipping containers is their strength and durability. These boxes are designed to withstand harsh conditions including extreme temperatures, high winds and heavy rains. They are also fire-resistant which makes them a safe option for housing in disaster-prone areas.

Shipping containers are also modular which means they can be easily combined to create larger structures. This makes it possible to create entire communities of emergency housing units quickly.

Limitations of Shipping Containers in Emergency Housing and Disaster Relief:

While shipping containers have many advantages, they also have some limitations. One significant challenge is the cost of modifying them for human habitation. Storage containers are not designed to be lived in so they require significant modifications to make them habitable. These modifications can be costly and time-consuming which can delay their deployment in emergency situations.

Another limitation of shipping containers is their size. While they can be combined to create larger structures, they are still relatively small compared to traditional homes. This means that families may have to live in cramped conditions which can be challenging for an extended period.

Additionally shipping containers are not suitable for all climates. They can become too hot or too cold depending on the weather which can make them uncomfortable for occupants. They also require proper ventilation to prevent moisture buildup which can lead to mold and other health issues.

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