What You Will Need If You Hire a Patent Attorney

Patent attorneys are not the same as regular solicitors. They frequently have legal expertise as well as the technical abilities of a scientist or engineer. You can also employ an attorney to protect your invention. If you hire a top denver patent law firms, you should have the following documents and information on hand:

  • Description: A written overview of the innovation, including how it works, the problem it answers, and what makes it distinctive.
  • Drawings and sketches for information: Photographs, drawings, sketches, illustrations, and visuals that demonstrate the usefulness of your idea are acceptable. Models or functional prototypes will also assist the attorney in comprehending your goods. A patent attorney can help you if you are not yet at this point of development.
  • List of persons with whom you have shared your invention: Prior disclosure might have an impact on the success of your patent application. This is why you should keep a record of everyone and every firm with whom you have discussed your product. You should also keep track of the date of disclosure and the specifics of what was shared.

Patent Attorney

  • Your company strategy: You should have a solid business strategy in place. If not, you should have a rough understanding of how you want to commercialize your technology. This will assist your patent attorney in selecting the appropriate patent and developing a patent strategy.
  • Copies of any provisional patent applications: If you filed a provisional patent before speaking with a patent attorney and now wish to convert it to a conventional patent, bring your original application. You have only 12 months to turn your provisional patent into a normal patent. Before you choose the top denver patent law firms you need these documents.
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