Find the Right Oil & Gas Lawyer With Years of Experience in the Industry

Montana is a state that’s rich in both oil and gas. With 45 named oil fields today, it’s no doubt that it plays a huge part in the state’s economy. However, being in this kind of business isn’t easy because it also comes with various legal issues. So if you’re currently looking for a trusted lawyer that can help you better understand the law in this industry, you might want to learn more here. And once you find the right lawyer to help you with your legal issues, it will be easier for you to navigate this industry in the future.

A Lawyer with Experience in Oil & Gas to Help You Understand

If you’re unfamiliar with Montana’s oil and gas law, you should hire a lawyer to help you understand. These experts in the environmental law field will give you the best advice on what to do next. We know how difficult it is to navigate the law, even if you’re a business owner of one of the oil fields. And if you ever encounter the same issues, you already have at least the experience. There are many legal problems you can potentially face, which is why choosing the best attorney is essential.

Some of the Challenges You Might Experience

The oil and gas industry is not as simple as extracting minerals off the ground. You have to go through many hurdles, some of which you might have problems and legal issues to take care of. You will go through the early stages of exploration to capping a well, as well as environmental remediation. These will call for many legal hurdles you probably are not familiar with. You might have issues with landowner and property rights, access issues, employees, safety and OSHA concerns, injuries, environmental fights, and disputes with suppliers or vendors, to name a few.

Experiences of RMK Lawyers You Need to Know

RMK attorneys have experience, particularly in environmental law, especially in the oil and gas sector. They have handled numerous cases that you might also encounter in the future. For instance, they have worked on a fatality case involving an employee gauging natural gas tanks in the Bakken for a Fortune 500 company. They also have experience with fatality investigations, such as a case of collisions between a vehicle and a drill rig. You might experience many other cases, some of which RMK already won. So if you’re looking for one now, RMK is the best firm to check out.

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