cheapest phone for pokemon go

Compare Different Mobile Phones Before Buying

Compare smartphones with one another, and seeing how they appear in the terms of features and specifications. The detailed comparison at will help you compare various smartphones and feature phones, over 4 models at a time. This is very easy to use. You may chose the smartphone for comparison just by typing in a name of phone –and part of it –over the given fields.

Phone Build Quality

Today market is highly divided in plastic and metal builds for smartphones. You can also find the glass-coated panels, however it is not advisable you use these phones if you’re prone to dropping the phone quite often. Whereas glass-based mobile phones will shatter, plastic and metal built phones will sustain drops from two to three feet.

cheapest phone for pokemon goProcessing Power

Processing power of a smartphone is very important to make consumer decisions. iPhone boasts the A13 Bionic processing with 3rd generation neural engine, whereas Samsung is rocking the new SD865 and Google has Snapdragon Octacore chips


Majority of the phones today have got cameras with 12MP and 16MP sensor in f/2.0 and lower aperture. The higher megapixels all along with the good pixel size, aperture, autofocus, and ISO levels provide better results.

Final Words

Before you think of buying a new phone, it is always better to think of what the actual requirements are. You must never rush out or buy latest iPhone, unless you insist on and are keen to pay over what they really cost. In fact, there are a lot of cheap smartphones available in the market, which you will find it better.

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